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4.0 ( 0 ratings )
Giochi Azione Avventura
Sviluppatore Kapuchin Games

Earth. 2408 AD.

Explore the Arkadian planet system and collect as many Ark cells as you can!

Our planet has been under a constant stream of meteor showers for a hundred years now. We had lost entire nations to the showers before our research teams found Ark Cell based Shields to hold their own... even against the harshest of the showers.

Test your reflexes as you zoom our drones away from Arkadian worker mechs and dodge obstacles of all shapes and sizes. Deploy power-ups that allow you to shoot obstacles down, switch between weapon systems and use shields to protect yourself.

Upgrade the strengths of these abilities, finish your list of missions and you could rise through the ranks to become the Marshal of the entire U.N fleet!


Note: The game is optimised for iPhone 5 and above.